The 2NYADesign Inc. is a high-end architecture and interior design firm known for its modern-rustic style and minimal approach. Exposing the bones of the building and incorporating the culture and tradition of the site location is important to all our projects. At 2NYAD, we take pride in creating innovative and environmentally friendly designs by using sustainable systems and reclaimed materials wherever it is possible. We offer full service coordination for every phase of the project, from design development through construction management and interior decoration, combining high-end design with seamless access to many of the industry’s most sought after specialty subcontractors. We specialize in customization design and have the ability to work on any project from an entire building construction operation to interior design and furniture design.

2NYADesign Inc. is a full-service architectural design firm practicing in both the United States and Chile.  CEO's Jorge Peña and Carlos Peña founded 2NYADesign Inc. in New York City, March 2005.


2NYAD works with the most highly specialized contractors, tradesmen, expeditors and architectural/engineering consultants in New York City. We have developed a long lasting relationship of mutual trust with them all. It is important to 2NYAD to work with subcontractors we know and trust in order to give the client the most affordable options, a stress-free construction process and most importantly the final product they want. Our contractors allow us to offer the client a unique design and our tradesmen enable us to detail and customize the space to our client's needs as well as create custom furniture. In order to ensure a timely and well-coordinated project we use a mix of expeditors, architectural consultants and engineering consultants to obtain the correct permits and certifications from both Department of Buildings and our client's Building Manager. Every renovation is complicated, especially in New York City. 2NYAD and our team of subcontractors have developed a process that saves you time, money and stress.

Jorge Peña

Jorge Peña is the co founder and lead designer at 2NYAD. His vision has enabled the company to grow and flourish in New York City. Originally from Santiago, Chile, where he attended the University of Art, Science and Communication (UNIACC), he brings a unique perspective to New York City architecture. Jorge has 10 years of experience working in both boutique and multinational architectural firms, where he gained the ability to manage any scope of work. Jorge’s goal is to combine the needs and wants of his client with his own work experience to deliver a final product unique to each client. His diverse background has sculpted the ideals and aesthetics’ of 2NYAD.

Alejandro Piccolo

Alejandro Piccolo has quickly become an integral part of 2NYAD, working as a design and strategies consultant. He is originally from Mendoza, Argentina, where he attended the University of Mendoza, School of Architecture, Design and Landscape Design. Alejandro is an Andino Architect (the Andes region), who brings unique design concepts and techniques to the company. His material sensibility diversifies 2NYAD’s capabilities to incorporate different finishes to the project. In addition, his strengths in design organization and construction coordination enable him to maintain complete control of a project from culmination to completion.

Matthew Mitchell

Matthew Mitchell is a Project Manager at 2NYADesign Inc. He grew up in New Jersey, just outside New York City, but is a dual citizen of both the USA and New Zealand. Matthew has an Associate Degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of New York City and is currently in pursuit of a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from New York School of Interior Design. Matthew brings a unique perspective to 2NYADs design style because of his cultural influences and educational background.

Nischal Arjune

Nischal Arjune is 2NYADesign Incs licensed architect. He is the owner of Arjune Design Studio and ADS Special Inspections along with working for UBSL as an Inspector. Arjune Design Studio works closely with 2NYAD on all our projects. The benefits of working with Nischal are endless. His experience with NYC Building Codes and his connections in industry enables 2NYAD to permit a project quickly and efficiently, making the pre-construction process as stress free for the Building Management and Client as possible.

Cristian Bredice

Cristian is the Owner and Manager of Artec Construction. 2NYADesign Inc. is lucky to have developed a strong trusting relationship with Cristian. The benefits of working with Artec as closely as we do is that they know and understand the quality of work we would like to produce. In addition Artec has a number of highly skilled employees, which allows them to do more than just general construction at a less expensive price for our client. Cristian has 25 years of work experience and Artec has been owned by his family for over 60 years, giving 2NYAD a strong and well established resource within the industry.